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Monday, 16 January 2012

Saints Row. The Third Review

I've always love playing the Saints Row's because they are so fun and addicting. They have always had such a explosive campaign which have funny twists and somewhat hilarious outfits and weapons to use at your desire. But Saints Row. The Third that was a whole new level of fun. If it was just beating up a hoe in the middle of the street or taking out a whole gang peeps with an airstrike. Also I've always noticed to get the best experience out of Saints Row is to go on Co-op with one of your mates and just do whatever pleases you. The only thing I dislike about the new Saints Row is that they have changed so much of the game. E.g they have changed the way that activities work. On one and two there was only two or three activities of that type of activity and you would progress through that activity by going in stages, one to five. And if you do the first two or three then you would get something then when you did all of them you would get the better version of what you got before that's what I liked. But now they have changed so that there are many more around the map but no stages and the prizes are not even that good. But don't let this change your mind of buying the game oh no you MUST buy this game it is amazing. Also there are DLC's coming out for the game which make the game an even more enjoyable experience. My review gives this game 10/10 for being such an enjoyable game to play and I would fully recommend on buying this game if you haven't already. Thanks THQ for making such a good game and thank you on reading this review I will be back with more soon, see ya! 


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