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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Red Dead Redemption Review

Well where do I start. This game is an all time favorite with superb, crisp graphics and mind blowing campaign and multiplayer. You start of as the past driven John Marston as you must find and hunt down the people you once called friends. As you attempt to do this you meet new people and places with new and interesting missions to overcome. When all this is over and your enemies are dealt with you go back to your family to live a normal life again and try and repair what's left with your family. All seems well until you find out that you are the last enemy that needs to be dealt with. In an epic final you do what you can to help your family escape and in this you die yourself. So yeah the story line is pretty well set out, well I said it briefly as there is so much more to do on it. But the best thing of Red Dead is the multiplayer I think my best moments and memories on games are from this multiplayer as it's so vast and you can just go anywhere you want. If it's playing a hand of poker or hunting down bears you can do it. Also there is the leveling up which gives you more guns, characters, mounts and titles which is always good as there is a goal to it. And if that's not enough there are many DLS's to quench your gaming needs I would recommend Undead Nightmare as it gives Red Dead a cool and new concept to the game( Instead of killing Mexicans or oulaws your killing zombie Mexicans and outlaws. Everyone's happy). So that's why I think this Is such a good game and I'd fully recommend on buying it as it is very fun. I've rated this game 10/10 for being such an awesome game. Next blog tomorrow see ya!

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